Luz para Leer 2

Luz para Leer 2

“Luz para Leer” Award Celebration (Part 2)

Muchas Gracias a todas las personas que nos apoyaron e hicieron este evento posible. 💞💞💞 Annaelizabeth

Luz Para Leer Project Update

Our second part of Luz para Leer 2 launched on January 2019, members read 100 pages between Jan 1st-30th and received a prize of a solar lamp and their choice of book on February 9th 2019!!


In December 2017 we introduced an illuminating reading incentive program: Luz para Leer (Light for Reading). Library members who read 100 pages between December 1st and 31st received a prize of a solar lamp and their choice of book on January 2018.

This program is supported by a donation of 150 solar lights from Author Ana Galan and Michael D. Harness. We have also received a donation of over 36 books from Nicole Donanian-Blandon and Stuart Fienstein book drive in California, and another generous book donation from William C. Pierce Jr. from Princeton University.

These incredible lights will remain lit for at least eight hours, providing readers with a light at night that they don’t have to pay for, which is a huge help to many of our families who cannot afford the high cost of electricity.

Thank you for your kind donations and support!

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