Chili Cook-Off Silent Auction 2024

Chili Cook-Off Silent Auction 2024


Join us this week at the Puedo Leer Library Annual Chili Cook-off for a special silent auction. The lucky winning bidder will receive a gorgeous, handmade sitting bench made of solid local hardwoods. The bench was designed and built by a well-known furniture maker in 2016, and the back of the bench is carved to look like the spines of old library books. In like-new condition, this is a must-have item for any book lover and will make a wonderful addition to your sala or home office. Look for the auction table and see the bench at the Cook-off and don’t miss out on the chance to own this unique, beautiful and practical work-of-art. 

Minimum opening bid: $100.   Actual value: Priceless!

The Cook-off is on Sunday, January 28 from 1-4 pm at Casa Tres Mundos in Granada. See you there!

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