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Books are core to our mission of bringing the joy of reading to the people of Nicaragua. Puedo Leer will accept books in any language and for all age groups but is primarily looking for children’s books in Spanish and dual-language Spanish-English books. Each book donated feeds the minds of hundreds of Nicaraguan children.

Visiting Nicaragua? Bring us your unwanted books in your suitcase, come into a library, and say “hello!” This is essentially how Puedo Leer started! Generosity goes a long way, and 100 people bringing in five books each could help us spread the love to more children.

Have too many books to bring them with you? We have several methods to get books into the country. There is no such thing as too many books! We accept big or small donations and are affiliated with many organizations in Nicaragua, so every book will reach the hands of a developing, Nicaraguan child. Remember, we are primarily looking for Spanish books for children or dual-language Spanish-English books. Contact us if you’re unsure about the process, and we can help you.

Like to donate some e-readers? We love books, but we recognize the reading revolution is converting people to e-books. We accept electronics as donations too, including Kindles, Nooks, iPads, other e-readers, and computers. We will put them to use, and the kids love it.


No one on Puedo Leer’s board receives any salary. However, we do have Nicaraguan employees and expenses such as rent, utilities, craft materials, supplies, and of course, books that all require funding. Your donation helps keep the lights on and our organization functioning https://www.avancemos-youth.org/donate
We are working with our friends at https://www.avancemos-youth.org/donate to provide you 501c3 charitable tax deductions using PayPal. You can donate in your name, the name of a loved one, or the place of a chosen company. Ask your employer to make a matching donation to Puedo Leer. Many employers offer matching gift programs to non-profit organizations of their employee’s choice.  Most importantly, we need you to help us pay our librarians and staff.  We need more bibliotecaulas (portable libraries) to put more books in schools without libraries, and each costs around $800. The more we grow, the more people we’ll need to employ, and the more books we’ll need to stock our shelves! Help us keep Nicaraguans employed and help us, help the children. 
For the time being, please use this link in order for your donation to be tax deductible. Please include a note stating this is a donation for Puedo Leer Library.  Thank you for your donations, anything can go a long way!

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Our efforts are made possible from the support of the community, friends, and volunteers. We welcome volunteers to help us bring the joy of reading to the children and adults of Nicaragua. Besides the assistance, volunteers help us keep the cost down to accomplish our mission and themselves receive life-changing experiences with wonderful children. Spanish literacy will certainly help, but we welcome everyone since the language of children is often laughter. Tell us what you’d like to get from your experience, and we will look for ways to satisfy that. We have needs in many areas, from day-to-day maintenance of libraries to reading stories to children. 




We are actively looking for sponsors to help us accomplish our goals. With our small team, we have achieved so much, and we see our efforts flowering with more people and children discovering the joy of reading. Join us as a sponsor and see significant advances for a small expenditure. We seek both local and international sponsors. Your company’s name will be displayed on our newsletters, website and social media pages. For example, contributing $800 can start a sponsored project that puts a portable library in a school with your name on it. We also need a permanent location for our primary library/community center, and your donation can help us pay for a building to refurbish for this purpose (buildings are much cheaper in Nicaragua). We need all levels of sponsorship and appreciate any donations. Feel free to contact anyone on the board to discuss our needs. Contact information is on the About Us page.  We would greatly appreciate if you could share and donate https://www.avancemos-youth.org/donate


We are a 501C3 organization working under the umbrella of the https://www.avancemos-youth.org/donate
non-profit organization. We are hoping to grow as an organization, but until then, the donations are connected to their page. There are many grants out there to help organizations like Puedo Leer. Frankly, we do not have the expertise and resources to explore all of the possibilities. If you are aware of grants available that may help us, please email us information about them!



(House Tours not available at this time)

Time: Every Tuesday morning, 10 a.m.
Cost: $15 (USD) per person
Location: Tour departs from Centro de Arte behind Olé Boutique. Calle La Calzada, One block towards the lake from Central Park. 


Enjoy a walking tour into some of Granada’s most beautiful and colonial historic homes. Learn about the history of Granada, take in the beauty of the Spanish architecture, and experience breathtaking, private views from the oldest house in Granada. All proceeds benefit the children of Nicaragua, providing books, education, and activities through Biblioteca Puedo Leer. 



Once a year, on the last Sunday in January, Puedo Leer hosts a Chili Cook-off in the Granada area to raise money for the libraries and provide an opportunity to bring the community together. The festivities are filled with lots of families, live music, artisans, surprises for the children, door prizes, and great chili!

2024 Date: January 28, 2024  from 1:00 pm-4:00 p.m.

Location: Casa Tres Mundos

Here are opportunities for you to support Biblioteca Puedo Leer with this eventGRACIAS!


  • Enter your Chili in the competition on January 20, 2024
  • Give a prize for a raffle by January 20, 2024
  • Give a cash donation


Please click on the link below to see our event calendar!