Thank you! Gracias!!

Thank you! Gracias!!

On behalf of all readers in Granada, children and adults, we at Biblioteca Puedo Leer would like to thank everyone who participated in the Chili Cook-Off yesterday, January 27:
chili contestants,
donors of raffle prizes,
artistic library members who painted chilis,
Pauline Jackson who has manned the front desk for us for many years
Lauren the amazing saxophonist,
the Tres Mundos musicians,
the Tres Mundos staff who worked Sunday for us,
the staff, their families, and all friends of Biblioteca Puedo Leer who gave up their Sunday to run the event
and, of course, everyone who came in the door to taste the chilis and support the library.
We had no idea what to expect this year and this went way beyond our hopes despite the numbers being down a little. Everyone was incredibly generous.
We are, of course, keeping our fingers crossed for next year so please put us on your 2020 calendar! It will be our tenth year so we need to have a big celebration.
If you have any thoughts or suggestions on what we might do differently please do let us know. We are open to ways to keep the chili cook-off going and being a part of Granada’s social calendar. One thing that was mentioned over and over yesterday was how much people enjoyed the venue. Tres Mundos is an incredible location so hopefully they too will put us on their annual social calendar!
As you know the mission of Biblioteca Puedo Leer is to bring the love of reading to the Nicaraguan children of Granada. In order to do that we need the support of all people – Nicaraguan and Expat, here and abroad. Please feel free to drop in and see our library on Santa Lucia or in Pantanal. You too can join the library at no cost.

Thank you again.

Carol & Annaelizabeth

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