Dictionary Project 2019

Dictionary Project 2019

From Sept 18-25 we delivered our last donation of dictionaries to the following schools:

Hoy entregamos las últimas donaciones de diccionarios a las siguientes escuelas primarias en Granada. Muchas gracias a tod@s por su apoyo y donaciones.

Escuela Elsa Head
Escuela Sara Mora
Escuela DeZamber

Escuela El Escudo
Escuela Carmela Noguera
Escuela Elena Arellano
Escuela Elba Zamora
Escuela Rubén Darío
Escuela Lorenzo Guerrero

Thank you everyone who participated in our Dictionary campaign, with a special thanks to Gail Rachor, Pam Parfitt, Vicki Morgan, Noreen Quan, Carol Hilt, Kay Burdette, Sandi Patterson, Shirley Schmidt and Libreria San Jeronimo for all your help. With your donations we were able to purchase 90 basic Larousse Dictionaries plus we received 9 Junior Dictionaries donated by Libreria San Jeronimo, These will benefit nine Elementary Public Schools in Granada. We always make a point to ask what the school needs and several school directors mentioned the need for dictionaries. Most schools do not even have one set and it takes a thoughtful parent, with extra money, to supply a child with his/her own. We will also be introducing the teachers and classes to some fun dictionary activities to motivate their students.

This Project will continue as we still have at least 12 more Elementary Schools in need of dictionaries. They are not that expensive – around $3.00US for a basic one. We would love to be able to buy sets if you would like to make a donation. It would take at least forty for a full set as class sizes are really large here. Actually even half a set (20) would at least allow for a teacher to do activities with the students sharing two to a dictionary. If this idea appeals to you, please contact us and we will discuss how it can be accomplished.

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